Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote in code_black_lj,

Bad Day.

Where the fuck was the ka-boom?! There was no earth shattering ka-boom! "But, they were shooting at me, Marlena!" Of course they were shooting at you, darling. You were trying to blow up the bridge before they crossed it. Instead of one car of one well armed car full of bad guys, I got the whole fucking convoy! I swear to God if they send one more fucking amateur to work with me, I'm going to fucking kill him myself and call it not-so-friendly fire. It's a damn good thing Jason snagged the latest BFG from the Blackhole. Otherwise, I wouldn't be here to kick your ass for you!

Guess I should go see who needs help killing things now. Maybe Andrea has something for me to work on.

And where the FUCK did this new touchy-feely shrink come from?!
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