You Don't Know Me. (carlossi) wrote in code_black_lj,
You Don't Know Me.


Here's the sitch.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is visiting Kashmir on Wednesday. Five days notice is a bit, shall we say, "forward thinking" for our usual sources, so that might not be relevant. However, security for the Pimmy's trip is already in place. News reports on the outside have buzzwords like "sharpshooters" and "surveillance cameras", but I "oops" bumped in to one of the topsiders, and he wouldn't know a scope from a cardiac compensator. Most of them seem like techies in brand-new security uniforms.

I dug up another little gem, which is that insurgents are getting tracked by their cell usage. The poor bastards aren't quite smart enough to use directional antennas for their satellite phones, and someone's putting a triangulation together from calls as short as ten seconds.

The Hurriyat was supposed to meet with the Pimmy during his trip here, but they've pulled out of the official talks.

Timing on this is suspicious, but might have vanished into background clutter if someone hadn't pointed us at it. I think somebody leaked some technology that was supposed to stay inside The Craft. I'll set out a few duck-blinds, and see if I can make a little news of my own.
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