You Don't Know Me. (carlossi) wrote in code_black_lj,
You Don't Know Me.

Found Objects

A copy of the New York Times, on a San Francisco train. Business section on top, turned to a page with two stories: India, Known for Outsourcing, Expands in Industry, and Vote in House Seeks to Erase Oil Windfall.

A miniature doberman pinscher in the sidecar of a motorcycle circling the Empire State Building, wearing a Boston Red Sox sweater.

Grafitti on the Dhaba restaurant in Boston: "INDIA OUT OF CA$HMIR"

Spanish-language flyer taped to an apartment in Syracuse protesting oil and natural gas pollution by Pemex in Tabasco, Mexico


The trail obviously splits in New York. I would put more credence in the India lead. The Mexico lead looks like a cutout, assuming it's legit. If not, we're going to have to overhaul communications, because we've been compromised. Again.

I'll take a closer look at the India-Kashmir situation. Someone care to check the Mexican oil market?
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