The Enlightened Optimist (britgeekgrrl) wrote in code_black_lj,
The Enlightened Optimist

The LJ has been converted to a community which, as deyo pointed out, will make it a bit easier for people to post/keep their character voices straight.

For clarification:

dreaming_shaman is Alex's "catchall" IC LJ, he posts for a variety of characters through it, but has an icon for Pete, which I'm guessing goes with any and all Pete-related posts.

jugglingmercury is Johanna's version of the above. I'll use the pic of Andrea with any posts from her (and a tag, too, but that's just me)

carlossi is presumably deyo's character, Jason Carlossi.

And the rest of us are all OOC-muns. :)
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gaaneden is Marlena. Using various images of Deborah Unger for the character.